Yamaha Piano Review: C6

By: Hiram LeCedre—December 17, 2008 05:45PM
"From its gorgeous tones and precisely regulated action to the engineering and quality control of this fine instrument, we were all impressed..."
C6 Yamaha piano

Product Summary


  • Big piano sound—6'11"
  • Beautiful tone, nice bass feel
  • Duplex scale
  • Tone collector system
  • Ivorite keytops
  • Superb craftsmanship
  • Excellent tuning stability
  • Complementary serivce visits
  • Variety of finishes
  • Excellent value


  • None
Polished ebony finish: C Series Yamaha piano


Rubbing my hands with excitement, I sat down to play the Yamaha C6 concert conservatory grand piano for our C6 review. At 6'11", the C6 is a big piano with rich, pleasing tones and great deep bass notes.


The C6 Yamaha piano incorporates all of the same construction techniques of the C3 and C5 pianos. (Those of you who would like these details, check out our Yamaha C3 piano review and check out our recent C5 review.)

What's great about Yamaha pianos, in general, is their phenomenal craftsmanship. You can literally sit down to two different C6s play them and their action and tone would be nearly consistent. Not so with many other brands of pianos.

Sound & Touch

One thing I just absolutely love about this piano as well as other Yamaha pianos are their clear tones. When I sat down and played this piano, I could accurately hear every tone I had played—nothing sounded muddled or muffled. This piano can be played soft and gently giving you a sweet tone or played with intensity for a much brighter sound. The bottom line is, this piano gives you control over how you want it to sound. The C6's bass is wonderful—deep and rich. The pianist will have a great reservoir of power to tap into with this piano.

The touch and feel of the C6 is absolutely great. Just like the precision and clarity found in its tone, the C6's action is very precise and pleasing to the touch. Plus, the C6 uses the same action of that of the Yamaha C7.

Other Features

Like the other Yamaha C series piano, the C6 comes with Yamaha's ServiceBond Assurance program. This is a complementary tuning and adjustment service provided by Yamaha so that your C6 sounds great when it gets to your home or studio. Lastly, the C6 comes in a choice of polished ebony, satin ebony, and polished mahogany with the last two choices being special order finishes.


I absolutely loved this piano. From its gorgeous tones and precisely regulated action to the engineering and quality control of this fine instrument, we were all impressed by this instrument. The C6 is a nice leap up in performance from the C5.

Obviously, the C6 is a large piano and will require a nice amount of space to be played properly, which at nearly 7', will require a decent sized home. At a list price of $31,390, the Yamaha C6 is an excellent value for such a wonderful and well built piano.