Yamaha PSR-E413 Keyboard Review

By: Hiram LeCedre—November 06, 2008 6:15PM
"The Yamaha PSR E413 is 61-key keyboard...and allows you to control many sound parameters in real time."
Yamaha PSR-E413 pitchwheel

Product Summary


  • New redesigned look
  • Six-track sequencer
  • Two assignable knobs and pitchwheel
  • USB connection
  • Over 500 total voices
  • 32 notes of polyphony
  • Dual and split voice modes
  • Great bang for the buck


  • Small on board speakers
  • AC adapter not included


Yamaha unveiled that the PSR E413 61 key synth would replace the PSR E403. The PSR E413 has many of the same features as the PSR E403, in fact, except for some cosmetic changes to the front panel, taking 6 AA batteries (used to be D's) and a few extra styles and arpeggios; this keyboard is exactly like the PSR E403.

The Yamaha PSR E413 is a 61-key keyboard with 32 notes of polyphony, dual and split voices, has a pitch bend controller, the Yamaha Education Suite, 6-track recorder, and allows you to control many sound parameters in real time. Please read our full review of the PSR E403 to understand the features of the PSR E413.